10 Single Girl Behaviors That Will Drive My Boyfriend Crazy

It’s official, I am moving in with my boyfriend. We signed the lease and bought a couch so there is no turning back. I am excited, but I do have some concerns. Not about our relationship and what moving in together means, but how my current single girl behavior will affect the situation. While there is nothing alarming that he will see in our shared living space, there are some things I have not yet fully exhibited in front of him. They consist of the following:


  1. Beyoncé dance parties

I’ve been known to do entire Beyoncé dance routines in my room. When I do I get really into it, I mean REALLY INTO IT. I don’t think he’s ready for this jelly.

  1. Hair removal

Underarm hair, my legs, and those times I’m too lazy to get a Brazilian wax requires me to do routine hair removal maintenance. Even my LSGM (Light Skin Girl Mustache) can get out of hand if I let it. I’m sure he’s aware I have a hair removal routine but he has not actually seen the process. I’d like to keep it that way.

  1. Leaving my shoes and clothes everywhere

I’m a bit of a slob. After I do my laundry I don’t fold the clothes. I leave them in the basket and live out of the basket until its time to do laundry again. Sometimes they end up on the floor in random piles. I kick my shoes off as soon as I enter the room and fall where they may. He’s seen my room and doesn’t seem to care but that will change when we move in together.

  1. Watching TV until I fall asleep

I need background noise to fall asleep. PJ has the amazing gift to close his eyes and instantly fall asleep without the TV. Spending the night at his place a couple of nights a week I can deal but EVERY night will need a serious adjustment. Usually, I put a random Netflix show on or VH1 and fall asleep to the sounds of Karli Redd and Joseline fighting. Speaking of trashy reality shows…

giphy (19)

  1. Reality TV binges

I love me some trashy reality show. Kardashians, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and the aforementioned Love and Hip Hop stays on my repeat. I know it is killing my brain cells and does not make me a productive member of society. I don’t care but he might.

  1. Crazy cat lady

You may have seen my cat Jay in my Date Night In post. Jay will also be living with us. The two of them get along fine, but they have not spent this much time together. We set rules about the cat but I know my cat lady ways will take over and I will be tempted to break them. I will do my best not to.

  1. Aunt Flow

Two words: Period Panties. I won’t elaborate further than that.

  1. Making random noises/talking to myself

I tend to groan loudly when I’m frustrated or bored. I also talk to myself sometimes, especially in the morning while I’m getting ready. If I say my thoughts out loud then I remember them better. I don’t PJ to judge me for mumbling my inner thoughts.

giphy (17)

  1. Natural hair maintenance

I love my hair. PJ loves my hair. However, it requires a lot of attention. I will be washing my hair in the kitchen sink, deep conditioning with a Target bag, and braiding/twisting my hair 3-4 times a week. Hair will get everywhere, on the bed, in the drains, on the floor. I will do my best to control the hair takeover but it is hard to tame.

  1. Eating habits

I am hungry ALL.THE.TIME. While cooking one meal I’m thinking about the next one. I always have snacks on deck and I do not let them go to waste. I also eat really fast and forget all home training instilled in me. I’m not going to hold back during meals but he is not ready for the savagery he is about to witness.

What are some single behaviors you had to give up when you moved in with your significant other? Share them below in the comments!


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  1. I don’t think I really “have up” Any of my single behavior. He just adjusted and adapted to my craziness

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