5 Characteristics of my MCM

Every woman has a type and in 2012, I was in desperate need of a break from my type. What better way to break the mold than to explore the #MCM and post a few myself. Ultimately, I curated a list of 8 men(because I like balance and photogrids were in style) that I deemed swoon worthy. This status was not ย gained on looks alone but characteristics that I found valuable and ultimately broke my type mold and left me open to meet, fall in love, and marry Caleb. Here are the Top 5 characteristics I took from my MCM list:

  1. Intelligence ย – If you didn’t know before, David Banner is a very intelligent man. He constantly travels across the country to lead discussions on race relations in the USA and community activism. Most people think this is new but David Banner has been on this journey since his days at Southern University where he served as president of their SGA. He also briefly pursued a Master’s degree before he left to pursue music full-time.


Bonus Qualities: leader, community centered, life-long learner

2. Vulnerabilty – I was a big Channing Tatum in Step-Up fan at this time and was definitely only thinking about his character in this movie when I added him to my list so I’ll refer to him as Tyler from this point on. Tyler taught me that despite being afraid and uncomfortable in a new situation, you need to be open and willing to admit you’re wrong.


Bonus Qualities: fun, loving, adventurous

3. Personal Style – Erykah Badu is often credited with changing Andre’s style like she supposedly does with all the men that she dates but should she really? Honestly, he’s always had his own style and it constantly evolves yet remains uniquely Andre 3000. He intrigues you visually then blows you away with his views on life.


Bonus Qualities: great father, extended vocabulary, southern gentleman

4. Take Charge Attitude (Alpha Male) – This may have been the sole MCM pick that was mostly physical. I mean really, can you deny his beauty. I’ve always thought he was the cuter Jonas and when he came back out as a solo artist and asserted his manhood, I swooned hard. ย Besides being just plain fine, I most noticed Nick take charge attitude when it came to his image and music.


Bonus Qualities: family oriented, loyal, funny

5. Sensitivity – While most people may picture Drake when you mention the term sensitive rapper but Wale will always be my favorite sensitive rapper. He’s not only sensitive in his rhymes but on social media as well. He takes things personally even if it’s a joke and that’s something I can relate to.


Bonus Qualities: athletic, ability to code-switch, honest

Obviously, I have a thing for musical artists and creative people.

Honorable mentions


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