5 Items on Bae’s Winter Swipe List

It’s finally winter here in the south and I’ve come to inform those who are booed up that after cuffing season comes swiping season. Have you ever heard the phrase “what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine in mine”? I’m sorry to inform you but this doesn’t just apply to married people and their belongings. and your hoodies aren’t the only thing on Bae’s Winter Swipe List .

Check out the album below to see the top 5 coveted winter items that will now belong to bae this winter

Long sleeve t-shirts/Button-downs - For one, hopefully, you're bigger than bae and this shirt will fit like a baggy sleep shirt. This bagginess will come in handy when the bra has been retired for the night and bae needs something to hide the fact that it's no longer there. You can pick up this shirt and many more items on our list at http://www.thesneakerlounge.com/Extra thick socks - Who needs house shoes when I can I just wear your big comfy socks. Also socks, carpet, and annoying bae = a great time on our end.  Check out these socks from the Alabama sock queen at https://zkano.com/Sweat Pants - your basketball shorts will now only be worn to bed as bae steps out to run errands in your favorite sweats.  Check out this sweatsuit from Splashed by DKG at http://splashedbydkg.tictail.com/Head gear - True, we've been wearing your fitted caps on bad hair days for months but winter brings in even more options. Skullcaps, beanies, and trappers, Oh My!!!!  Here's a sneak peak of the Skool Clothes line beanies coming out in 2017. Check them out on FB or online at http://www.skool-clothes.com/Hoodie/Sweatshirt - This should be expected, I have nothing to explain.  You can find this crew neck at https://www.hypkreationz.com/



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