62 Date Ideas for Under $62

bowling-237905_1920 After watching Atlanta last night I was inspired to come up with a list of low cost date ideas. The main character, played by Donald Glover, attempts to take his girlfriend on a date to a fancy restaurant with only $62 and it was a fail. Keeping the number 62 in mind I came up with 62 dates that are less than $62. Some of these are specific to DC but I’m sure you can find the equal in your own city. Share some low-cost/free date ideas of your own in the comments!

  1. Visit a museum (in DC most of them are F-R-E-E)
  2. Pack a picnic
  3. Take a Hike
  4. Bike ride
  5. Matinee movie (bring your own snacks!)
  6. Take a paint and sip class, check out Groupon for deals
  7. Tailgate at a college football game
  8. Apple picking
  9. Hit up a food truck festival
  10. Golfing
  11. Take a workout class together
  12. Go to a library, pick out a book, find a quiet spot to read to each other
  13. Wine tasting
  14. Beer tasting
  15. Walking tour of city/town historic district (many are free)
  16. Coffee date
  17. Netflix and chill (when you’re comfortable with the person)
  18. Happy hour
  19. Grab some ice cream
  20. Cook a meal together
  21. 2 for $20 at Applebees
  22. Bowling
  23. Batting cages
  24. Go carts
  25. Mini golf
  26. Baseball game (Nats tickets are cheap the day of the game)
  27. Bake cookies together
  28. Tour a historic house
  29. Go fishing
  30. Visit the monuments at night
  31. Volunteer at a local food bank, animal shelter, etc.
  32. Take his/her dog for a walk
  33. Find a cheap bottomless mimosa brunch (I recommend Mad Hatter if you’re in DC)
  34. Brunch to expensive? Go to IHOP, Waffle House, or Cracker Barrel and drink at home
  35. When you’re comfortable have an adult sleepover. Build a fort, tell ghost stories, make smores, etc.
  36. Play pool
  37. Live in NY or LA? Go to a live taping of a show (Ellen, SNL, etc.) it’s usually free. 1iota is a great resource for free tickets.
  38. Go to your local high school’s football game
  39. If that same high school is having a school play, go!
  40. Take in a show at your local theater
  41. Stroll through a farmers market
  42. Play Pokémon Go together
  43. See an outdoor movie
  44. Participate in a neighborhood clean up
  45. Do a DIY project together
  46. Check out a local band or group’s show
  47. Play a game of 1 on 1 or H-O-R-S-E
  48. Play chess/checkers
  49. If you have access, spend the day at the pool
  50. Go window shopping
  51. Find a place with heavy foot traffic and people watch
  52. Attend a lecture
  53. Go for a drive
  54. Order some chicken wings and watch football
  55. Attend a showing at a local art gallery
  56. Go on a scavenger hunt
  57. Trivia night at a bar
  58. Go to church
  59. Stop by an open house and pretend your date is an episode of House Hunters
  60. Play video games
  61. It’s homecoming season so many colleges and university’s post their homecoming events, look them up and attend the free ones
  62. Do nothing, talking is free, wow them with your personality!

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  1. OMG Vanessa, I love this list! My husband is currently deployed and I keep trying to think of things we can do when he comes back. Renovating a home doesn’t leave much room for fancy dates so this list is perfect!

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