Double Up


Double dates can be awesome or extremely terrible. There are so many factors and variables to consider and one of the most important ones is picking the right couple to invite out. The default decision is to invite your closest friend with a significant other whether your bf/gf likes them or not. I’ve been told by multiple married couples to make married/engaged couple friends to hang out with.

But my favorite couple to double date with is my parents.


I was not your stereotypical daddy’s girl, nor was my mom my best friend that I talked to everyday when I was growing up or even now. However, the older I get, the more I realize that my parents are the two coolest people I’ve ever met. Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends and enjoy getting to know Caleb’s friends through double dates but double dating with my parents come with certain perks that can’t easily be matched.

Perks of double dating with your parents:

  • They have a flexible schedule – their kids are grown, my dad is retired, and my mom is about 12 months away from retiring so she has tapered down her activities.
  • They have a more flexible income – Sallie Mae isn’t breathing down their back and again they have grown kids with one that is able to send some money their way occasionally (shout out to my big sis, one day)
  • They are a solid, never breaking up couple – The revolving door doesn’t exist and I never have to learn a new name and the wisdom they bestow upon us (insert euphoric gif)

While most old school parents don’t believe in drinking with their kids, my parents do and that’s why our next double date will be a wine tasting nearby.

Date courtesy of Groupon – Wine Tasting for four at Vinzinni Farms

Who is your favorite double date couple?  Have you ever double dated with your parents? Share your photos and stories with us below or on (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook images)


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