Why You Should Use Groupon for Your Next Date

The Groupon DC homepage
The Groupon DC homepage

I wanted to write about Groupon dates for a while and been putting it off because, well, I’m lazy. But today I found my motivation from where else but Twitter. Please refer to the following screen shot for reference:


Now, it is possible this young woman was trolling, as many do on Twitter. However, there were enough people co-signing her statement that made me think, “Wow, people really hate Groupon dates.” Times have changed, including the legitimacy of using Groupon to pay for a date. If you don’t believe me here are 5 reasons you should try a Groupon date:

Low Cost

The reason people love Groupon is because of the great deals. So why not use it for a date? You can find a lot of local events, bars, and restaurants on the site providing the opportunity to have a social life without sacrificing your budget.

Try Something New

Groupon isn’t just for food. I’ve seen deals for bowling, art classes, wine festivals, baseball games, indoor skydiving, and more. I don’t know about you but I’m not missing out on a wine festival because bae didn’t purchase the ticket at full price, that’s ridiculous.

It’s the Good Kind of Cheap Date

There’s a difference between being cheap and being responsible with your money. If your date uses Groupon to pay for your date it does not mean they are cheap, it means they’re smart. Plus, if you save your money using deal sites you can spend it on bigger expenses, like a baecation (Groupon has deals on those too ;).

Chance to Support Local Business

Many entrepreneurs use Groupon when they are starting out with the hope of gaining repeat customers. If you’re like me and prefer to give your money to small businesses than chains and corporations then deal sites like Groupon are perfect.

You Won’t Come Off as High Maintenance

There is nothing wrong with being a little high maintenance, but there has to be a limit. Good luck building a strong relationship when the price tag of a date is your first priority. The value of a date isn’t how much money is spent, but how your time together is spent.

If you love Groupon you should check out Living Social, Travel Zoo, and Yipit. If you live in the DMV area check out The Capitol Deal for discounted events and dining in the local area. Also, make sure you’re following us on Twitter where we’ll be sharing some of our favorite deals from these sites.

How do you feel about paying for a date using deal sites like Groupon? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. I love Groupon for dates! I always find inspiration there to try things I’ve never even thought of before.

    It’s sad that there are people who would miss out on a great opportunity just because they have some weird stigma against Groupon. Haters.

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