June Favorites

The blog is officially 6 months old! June was a busy month filled with growth and achievement for us here at Priceless Dates. Heres hoping we continue to achieve our goals in July. In the meantime, check out what we selected for our June Favorites!


Since I was so busy last month I haven’t had time to go shopping. So instead of sharing my favorite things from June I will share my favorite moments.

I wore the “Boy Bye” shirt featured in our “May Favorites” post to the concert

The beginning of the show

The Formation World Tour

At approximately 9:30pm on June 10, 2016 I had me edges snatched clean by Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter. This was my fourth time seeing Beyonce and I still stanned out and acted a fool like I’ve never seen her in my life. The visuals, her vocals, the atmosphere was everything. If you have an opportunity to see her I suggest you do it. I am plotting on how to see her in New Orleans in September, THAT’S how good this show was.

Avery rocking her latest tutu

Avery’s First Birthday

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen a couple pictures of me with a small human being. This cutie patootie is my little cousin Avery and I am obsessed with her. So much so that I make as much effort as possible to drive 3-½ hours once a month to spend time with her. Last month I made a very special trip to celebrate her first birthday. We watched fireworks, saw Finding Dory (which was hilarious), and ate Popeye’s chicken. It was perfect.


Getting Back in the Gym

One thing I have been adamant about this past month is focusing on working out consistently and eating better. I’ve made it to the gym about five days a week and have added more fruits and vegetables to my diet and limited my sugar intake. It is going pretty well so far and I am hoping to keep up this momentum. Check back in July for updates!


June was extremely hectic while I tried to catch up on things that were put on hold because of the wedding so I haven’t bought much this month.  I did however receive a lot of gifts these past two months. I’ll be sharing about priceless gifts that I’ve received and given this past month.

Heavenly Comforter
Heavenly Comforter

If you’ve ever imagined sleeping on a cloud, you have imagined sleeping in our new bedding. No for real, this comforter feels like I’ve been tucked in with a cloud made into a blanket. The colors are extremely calming and after a long hectic day, it’s great to just fall into this bed and burrow underneath our new comforter.

Late 2014 into 2015 was the year of babies in my village. I gained 3 nephews, a niece, and Caleb gained a Godson. We try not to spoil them with an overload of gifts but there are times when I see something and I can’t help but to get it. I also have to be careful about sharing the gift love but not feeling compelled to break the bank by buying everyone a gift so no one will feel left out. This month, I found the cutest book based finger puppets at Leaf & Petal gift shop. I’m a book nerd through and  through and I couldn’t resist buying them and the Little Golden Books to go along.

Michaels.com was clutch
Michaels.com was clutch plus the 40% coupon

Last but not least, with gifts come thank you cards. I have been taught the virtues of being grateful all my life from grade school to graduate school not only from my parents but from my teachers as well. Sending thank you cards may seem tedious and small but they are so important. So as I’m prepping thank you cards I want to leave you with this advice, keep a stack of thank you cards in your nightstand. Thank you cards are not only a polite gesture. You never want to look back and say I never got to thank _____ for all that they did for me. So keep that stack of cards stocked and ready.

What are your June favorites? Tell us in the comments!


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