My Priceless Disneyland Date

D797E15E84My priceless date was the worst day ever in the very best way. It was October of 2014 and my husband (then boyfriend) Brandon and I were leaders in our youth group who were asked to go to Disneyland to facilitate the younger students there. Brandon and I had only been officially dating for a few short months and what better way to get to know someone than to go to the happiest place on earth? I was glad I was able to score a last-minute job at my college cafe to work up the money to go to go on the trip. Brandon, on the other hand, was currently in between jobs and ended up working small projects and selling his beloved mini fridge to get the money to go for us to hang out with each other. I was so excited that we could both be together and I was looking forward stress-free weekend. We traveled down with the youth group in a huge bus to California, spending the night at a church and off to Disneyland that morning. Up until now, this trip was pretty smooth until we actually got to the park. Unfortunately, there were quite a few problems that happened that day…

Disney Disaster #1: Brandon and I didn’t really have money for food. I think collectively we had no more than fifty dollars with us for the ENTIRE weekend. I promise I knew we were meant to be when we decided to combine our money to split food for the two of us. That morning we had a continental breakfast prepared for us and I was able to snag a few pieces of fruit, a banana and an apple for us later. During a bus rest stop, there was a Del Taco across the street. A group of us decided to grab some food there and of course, I knew I had a better chance bringing del taco into Disneyland to eat rather than trying to buy the majorly expensive food. I have to be honest, I thought I was pretty smart up till’ we got there. The burritos became soggy (thanks splash mountain) and by midday were ice cold.

Disney Disaster #2: Not too long after we arrived was that I realized it was HOT, who knew October would be boiling like the summers in Las Vegas. The bad news was my banana exploded in my backpack. I didn’t go two rides in before I felt something wet on the back of my shorts. Banana smeared all over me from the heat and being tossed around jumping from ride to ride. So I had to walk around Disneyland with a banana butt for most of the day- and of course, Brandon didn’t let that one go.

Disney Disaster #3: During the entire time Brandon’s feet were killing him! The poor guy wore the wrong shoes and could barely stand to walk around the park, I felt bad that he couldn’t enjoy being there because of his shoes.

Needless to say, I never had the best, worst day ever in my life. I got to spend time with my love and grew a fondness of the sound of our laughter and being together. He showed me a different side to him and I believe that’s when we really fell in love. That night, after we rode Space Mountain for the 3rd time, I begged him to see the fireworks show with me. I mean how could you not see the fireworks at Disneyland?! As the show began I sat there in awe of the music and lights, I didn’t want to be anywhere else, with any other person then with him and it seemed at the same moment we turned to each other-  I have never felt an urge to kiss someone in all my life than at that time, and it just… felt right. The fireworks went off in the sky and in my heart and that will always be one of my favorite days. As many things that went wrong that day, that one moment was perfect and priceless all on its own.  Disneyland will always be a special place to us, we’re actually heading back in a few months to have our own adventure again. And believe me, I’ll be more prepared!


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