10 Single Girl Behaviors That Will Drive My Boyfriend Crazy

It’s official, I am moving in with my boyfriend. We signed the lease and bought a couch so there is no turning back. I am excited, but I do have some concerns. Not about our relationship and what moving in together means, but how my current single girl behavior will affect the situation. While there is nothing alarming that he will see in our shared living space, there are some things I have not yet fully exhibited in front of him. They consist of the following:


  1. Beyoncé dance parties

I’ve been known to do entire Beyoncé dance routines in my room. When I do I get really into it, I mean REALLY INTO IT. I don’t think he’s ready for this jelly.

  1. Hair removal

Underarm hair, my legs, and those times I’m too lazy to get a Brazilian wax requires me to do routine hair removal maintenance. Even my LSGM (Light Skin Girl Mustache) can get out of hand if I let it. I’m sure he’s aware I have a hair removal routine but he has not actually seen the process. I’d like to keep it that way.

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My Priceless Disneyland Date

D797E15E84My priceless date was the worst day ever in the very best way. It was October of 2014 and my husband (then boyfriend) Brandon and I were leaders in our youth group who were asked to go to Disneyland to facilitate the younger students there. Brandon and I had only been officially dating for a few short months and what better way to get to know someone than to go to the happiest place on earth? I was glad I was able to score a last-minute job at my college cafe to work up the money to go to go on the trip. Brandon, on the other hand, was currently in between jobs and ended up working small projects and selling his beloved mini fridge to get the money to go for us to hang out with each other. I was so excited that we could both be together and I was looking forward stress-free weekend. We traveled down with the youth group in a huge bus to California, spending the night at a church and off to Disneyland that morning. Up until now, this trip was pretty smooth until we actually got to the park. Unfortunately, there were quite a few problems that happened that day…

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Why You Should Go on a PokéDate


Last week, Nintendo released their highly anticipated augmented reality game Pokémon Go. The world has gone Pokémon crazy ever since. Everywhere you look people are in their phones (more than usual), pacing in random patterns, searching for Pokémon. The game is so popular that it overloaded its servers due to having more users than the developers initially planned. Even a Pokémon novice like me has found myself enjoying the game, especially when I played it with  my boyfriend. Which is why I believe it would make a great date!

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June Favorites

The blog is officially 6 months old! June was a busy month filled with growth and achievement for us here at Priceless Dates. Heres hoping we continue to achieve our goals in July. In the meantime, check out what we selected for our June Favorites!


Since I was so busy last month I haven’t had time to go shopping. So instead of sharing my favorite things from June I will share my favorite moments.

I wore the “Boy Bye” shirt featured in our “May Favorites” post to the concert
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5 Lessons My Dad Taught Me About Love


My mom always said how overjoyed my dad was when he found out he was having a baby girl, while my mom cowered in fear knowing she would have to do hair. He was the first person to hold me after I was born. He was even the one who named me, telling my mom “you can name the next one” as she recovered from the C-section (sorry mom).  Basically, I had no choice but to be a daddy’s girl, and I’m proud of that. Of course, I love my mother but my relationship with my father is very special. We’re both Leos so our personalities are similar.  He is the reason I love sports, he was my coach for softball, basketball, and soccer. Even today we exchange friendly trash talk when the Redskins and Giants play. Basically we are the same person.

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My Open Letter to Becky with the Good Hair

After reading this blog written by a friend that spilled all the tea on a girl showing up at her ex’s door begging to reconcile or at least get closure, I felt a pang deep in my heart for her and what she was going through.  It could have easily been Dawn E. Coleman in 2011 if I hadn’t been in an airport on my way back to school. And yes, I cried in that airport. I also couldn’t get the Beyoncé line “you betta call Becky with the good hair” out of my head because ummm yeah, there may or may not have been one in this situation especially since she’d been a presence in this relationship before. But eerily, relating to both of these incidents didn’t lead me to tears. It actually lead me to jump for joy and thank God almighty for where I am today. Happy and married to a man who loves me flaws and all.

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What About Your Friends

This time, two weeks ago, several of my friends prepared to travel from near or far for my wedding  weekend. They came from all over, D.C., Ohio, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee were well represented. One of my out of town friends commented  on how she’s never known anyone in my age range that has as large of a consistent base of friends from all stages of life. For instance, my bridal shower headcount ended up being 26 with 31 invited. Keep in mind that only 12 attendees were family members which included 8 new sister in laws. So that means that I had 14 very close friends from elementary to first real job out of graduate school friends come out and support me.

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How to Spend Twelve Hours in Nashville

IMG_2420 2
Me doing my best Solange pose

This time last week I was in Birmingham, Alabama for Dawn’s wedding. It was beautiful! She looked like a melanated Greek goddess, the food was amazing, and we line danced the night away. It was my first time in the Magic City and it did not disappoint.

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May Favorites

Hello June! May was a crazy month for us here at Priceless Dates. Mother’s Day, Graduations, and Dawn’s wedding kept us busy. However, we still managed to find a few favorite things. See what we picked below! 

Vanessa IMG_9316

“Boy Bye” Shirt

 For those of you that don’t know, I am a bit of a Beyoncé fan. Her Formation tour will be in Baltimore this Friday and you know I had to get the perfect outfit. I found this shirt on Etsy for only $17.99. Can’t wait to wear it to the concert!

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