Show Out: 2 shows, 1 Epic Date Fail

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In my opinion, there are two things that Birmingham will never have a shortage of, amazing food and an abundance of live shows. When the two are combined,  Caleb is a live show junkie so we try to add it to the line up whenever possible. Our first hangout was actually a live show at the infamous Bottle Tree.

What could have been an awkward meet-up after not seeing or talking to each other for three months, thanks to bootcamp, was magical in its own way. I like to think that our first hangout is when I first felt what everyone else saw when they saw Caleb & I together. And the perfect ending to any magical night is definitely a kiss, the first kiss in our case. Now for every amazing date, there is an ugly step cousin called the date fail.

Caleb and I experience our first date fail of the year on Saturday night. Caleb’s best friend works with a band in Tuscaloosa and often invites us to their Birmingham shows. We decided to catch their show at  Moe’s Original Barbecue in Lakeview. Honestly, I should’ve just stayed home because I’d been irritated all afternoon and was none too pleased when I was ready to leave at 8:30 p.m. for the 9 p.m. show but didn’t leave until after 9. But I stubbornly continued on with our plans and we drove on hoping to turn our evening around.


This was so delicious!!!! We almost didn't get a photo
This was so delicious!!!! We almost didn’t get a photo

We show up to Moe’s only to find out that his friend’s band canceled their show at 6:30 p.m. but didn’t tell us. Caleb ordered a beer and I ordered a barbecue plate to share because I figured I might just be hangry. After many failed attempts in trying to reach his friend to see what happened, I got the bright idea to cyber stalk the band to see what happened.  I am a strong believer in keeping your relationship private so you will not be getting all of the juicy details but the disagreement that followed was not pretty and ended in a show at home where I indeed Showed Out!!! We’re back on the same page now and all issues have been addressed because neither of us enjoyed Saturday’s show.


In hindsight I have a few tips on how to avoid this type of date fail

  1. Don’t try to fix your night by going out and not discussing what’s really bothering you
  2. Always, always double check your plans and have a contingency plan because canceled shows happen
  3. Please, I beg of you, do not let twitter or social media be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. It’s already ugly enough on it’s own without our help

Have you experienced a dating fail? Share below in the comments!


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