Perk Up!!!

Job Perks, most Millennials get them but how many of you have even considering using them for a date or even a night out with friends!?!?! Some are more glamorous and worthwhile than others but a little can go a long way, especially when you’re on a budget. I recently read an article at Madame Noire  that talked about how more black Millennials are accepting and looking for employers that give them lifestyle perks (i.e. more freedom and means to travel) vs. a larger income. This article got me to thinking about the perks I receive at my own job.


I currently work at a Botanical Garden, coordinating adult and family programming. I get to sit in on some really great classes because of my position and I get 10% off at our in house gift shop and café, free or discounted tickets to our annual events, and invitations/awareness of other local events and programs organized by our partners. My friends receive similar perks and the fact that we work for different organizations means that our list of things to do around town becomes more varied. We definitely believe in taking advantage of our perks and sharing them with each other.

One of my best friends, Brannette, invited me to IMAG0143enjoy one of her perks which included cheering on our alma mater, The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), as they competed in the Conference USA Tournament last week. Free tickets to support the UAB Blazers, especially when it’s a huge game where they want to gather as many Blazer fans as possible. Unfortunately, even though UAB was the number one seed in our conference this year, we lost to Western Kentucky, 88-77, in the quarter finals.

“All Hail Alma Mater, We Sing This Song For Thee, Raise Up The Banner For Blazer Victory … Fight, Fight, Fight … All Hail Alma Mater, We Pledge To Always Be, Ever Faithful, Ever Loyal, To Dear Old UAB”


While the game didn’t turn out the way I hoped, I truly enjoyed myself. I got to spend the afternoon watching basketball with one of my closest friends for free, support my younger cousin who plays in the band, and UAB got invited to participate in the NIT so our season isn’t over. Matter of fact, the game will be televised tonight at 9 pm C.T. I hope you’ll join me in cheering on the Blazers as they face off against BYU!!!!

What are some of your job perks? Have you taken advantage of them? What about your friends’ perks? I challenge everyone to take advantage of job perk this year. Don’t forget to tag us and #perkup #workLESS #priceLESSdates #Girlsdayout

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